While using remote access to review the progress of your system configuration we will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have for your own training purposes. You will find during these online sessions you naturally become more familiar with navigating your new design software. Virtually painless.

Let Driftwood Consulting act on your behalf while trying to trouble shoot program issues.  Figuring out whether the issue occurred during system configuration, is a product malfunction or a system limitation can require multiple hours of testing, searching and reporting your findings to a Planit® tech or on the Esupport forum. Driftwood Consulting is adept in problem solving program issues and can efficiently test, report, manage and find solutions for any issue you may be experiencing.  

  • Construction Methods
  • Material Catalogs/Schedules
  • S2M Settings (Basic) 
  • Preferences
  • Libraries
  • Parts
  • Molding/Door Profiles
  • Door Catalogs
  • Layers
  • Reports
  • Title Blocks
  • Bid Center
  • Long Term System Maintenance
  • UCS Determination (complex UCS should be written using Planit's Professional Services)
  • Liaison Between User and Planit Tech to Resolve Any Program Issue

Drafting Services ~ $40 Hourly

From my experience creating multiple databases it is clear to me in order to fully utilize such a sophisticated program multiple hours of training, configuration and maintenance are required. More than most shops can afford while maintaining their current workflow. Most of these hours wasted to the ever so ominous "learning curve" can be significantly reduced by subscribing to the services I offer. Stop banging your head on the keyboard and let me show you how truly seamless this transition can be and how Cabinet Vision® will significantly increase your capabilities. It doesn't have to hurt.


System Configuration ~ $60 Hourly

Into this.

Turn this...

Drafting services will require hand sketched layouts (basic concepts, materials and measurements) and/or blueprints.  They don't have to be pretty but they do need to have clear measurements and cabinet layout.