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Initial consultations are at no cost to you.  Once we discuss your needs and devise a plan for action I'll get going on making it happen. 


Using remote access we will share connection to your software, transfer data and connect for online meetings to discuss progress.  You will find through our online meetings learning to navigate Cabinet Vision® will be a natural  process, freeing up many hours spent weeding through tutorials and sifting through help files.  For jobs requiring system configuration, a log of all work completed with clear notes will be kept in spreadsheet format for your records.


*Drafting services will require hand sketched layouts (basic concepts, materials and measurements) and/or blueprints with cabinet layout.  

I am an independent consultant and draftsman with extensive knowledge using Planit, Cabinet Vision®. I offer services to both build and utilize your Cabinet Vision® software to its fullest capabilities so you can focus on your current production.  Beyond my experience creating Cabinet Vision® databases my capacity to create structure, maintain organization, trouble shoot and consider multiple layers of production offers my clients the ability to manage their workflow while implementing a new process or upgrade.  The strategy employed to build your Cabinet Vision® database will be seamless, efficient and tailored for your company's specific needs.  As well, these attributes will come in handy when managing your large drafting projects with multiple areas such as hotels or apartment buildings. 



How Does It Work?

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Five of your hours to one of mine; easy trade.


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So much to do so little time tends to be a common theme when managing a business.  Whether you are a busy shop owner looking to implement your new design software, want to add features or just need someone to lay out a few jobs so you can get ahead of the game, Driftwood Consulting can help you achieve your goals.

Have a large drafting project that could use some extra hands?  I'm those extra hands with extensive knowledge in not only how to configure and maintain Cabinet Vision® but also real exposure working with designers, engineers and installers.  Any job these hands complete will be thoughtful, organized and cover all of your bases.